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Scott Erb Innovative and Creative Photographer
and PhotoShop Expert Extraordinaire
(He makes the cool photos)

Scott Erb has over 20 years of experience working in the photography industry and a degree from the SouthEast Center of Photographic Studies. Scott also holds a Certificate from Clark University's Computer Career Institute. In 2003 he founded the Worcester Photography Center which now has over 500 members. Scott also leads workshops in commercial lighting techniques as well as Photoshop at the Worcester Art Museum and the Worcester Photography Center.

Donna Dufault Photographers' Manager

She anticipates the Photographer's needs and fully supports him throughout life.

Donna Dufault has over 20 years of experience working in the photography industry. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with her BFA degree in Fine Art Photography. She has worked at some of the best photographic printing labs in the country and worked with some of the top art photographers in the world. This experience coupled with years of gallery experience, running art marketing groups and co-coordinating photo workshops has given her a unique perspective into the fine art photography world. These last few years, Donna has joined forces with her husband, Scott Erb of Erb Photography, who has been a successful commercial photographer for over 15+ years. Donna provides remarkable support to Erb Photography in marketing and business development as well as serving as studio manager and second shooter.

About Erb Photo

Erb Photography focuses on advertising, editorial, commercial portraiture and product work with a specialization in food, restaurant and hospitality clients. This fast-growing Worcester business is operated by Scott Erb and Donna Dufault. Erb Photography's photographic expertise, creative eye and admirable professionalism keep their happy clients coming back again and again. Exceptional quality and client satisfaction has lead to Erb Photography being voted "The Best Photo Studio in Worcester"by Worcester Living Magazine three years in a row.

Together Donna and Scott have been jet setting all over the U.S. taking photos for companies who use them on web sites, ads, brochures and in magazines.



  • Scott Erb is the President of CIPNE (Commercial Industrial Photographers of New England), where he has won numerous awards in print competitions over the years. link
  • He is a photographer and talent scout for Dynasty Modeling Agency of Boston. link
  • Scott and Donna are also the founders of the Worcester Photography Meetup Group, AKA: The Worcester Photography Center, which has a growing membership of over 400. link
  • They participate in events with the Boston Photography Center year round. link
  • Scott and Donna have both been members of The Griffin Museum of Photography and ArtsWorcester. link

How Can a Billboard Ad Increase Your Product Sales?

Billboard advertising is a high-impact way of getting your advertising message across. Based on the fact that thousands of people per day may be exposed to your message, billboards are very cost-effective. We highly recommend you find a professional to design your billboard. This billboard was designed by Troy Pontbriand Design. We here at Erb Photography were lucky enough to work with these really talented professionals when they were designing this latest billboard. They knew just what kind of imagery they wanted and gave us basic sketches to go by. It made it easy for us to create just what they were looking for.


One last thing- we took a lot of images during this shoot- and now our clients have a small library of images they can pull from for their other ads too. This is just one way Erb Photography adds real value to the photo shoots we do with our clients. Lots of images to chose from! Check out this other ad they did with another image from the shoot… Notice how similar the two ads look to one another- the style is unmistakably for the same group of Restaurants. That's what we call brand building… it's recognizable!

Just How Can a Billboard Ad Increase Your Product Sales?

By G. Keith Evans, eHow Editor

The number one thing it can do is – Create Public Awareness

A billboard advertisement can be an effective way to make people aware of a product that they otherwise would not know existed. As drivers pass and observe a billboard, they become aware of the advertised product.

The second thing you are doing when you use a billboard? – You are Building the Brand

Some studies have shown that an advertisement must be seen at least three times before a consumer remembers the product. A billboard is observed each time a potential client drives or rides past it, increasing the likelihood that the advertising will be effective and the product considered.

And Finally – Create a Need

Some potential clients may not realize they want or need a product because they are unaware of how it can benefit them. As customers observe a billboard advertisement, they may realize that they have a previously unrealized need for the product.

So- Get your message out there… and they will come!

Worcester Fitness' Advertising Overhaul

Commercial health club in Central Massachusetts hired Erb Photography in October 2008 to create an energetic and fresh brand presentation for use in web sites, public relations, print ads and facility marketing. Beginning in January 2009, this club utilized the images created by Erb Photography in every aspect of their business. By utilizing professionally designed, brand inspiring images, the club instantly created a groundswell of interest and enhanced brand credibility. The club at 30 years old, was now presented in the proper way; energetic people, upbeat and positive environmental qualities, cutting edge facility design...all the mark of a 21st century brand.

Since January this same club has seen a 122% growth in net profit. This increase has come due to a classic one-two punch of new income and even more impressively, a massive 66% reduction in traditional advertising costs. The club captured interest immediately with the images designed and created by Erb Photography and stayed on course for the entire year.

Pictures are nice. Brand inspired professional commercial photographic images are a guaranteed bottom line nurturer!

Joe Santa Maria
Worcester Fitness
Fitness Management Systems
440 Grove Street
Worcester, MA 01605

Pro Photography on the Web Just Works Better

Professionally shot, well lit & thoughtful custom imagery help us design effective and impactful websites for our clients.

Based on our experience in working with Erb Photography, we have found the site development process to be faster and more importantly- the clients like the finished product.

We enjoy working with and have often recommend Erb Photography for jobs that we think are a good fit.




Nathan Harris

Red Room Project

The Red Room Project is about pushing boundaries - on myself as a photographer, both technically and more importantly, creatively. It's also about creating limitations formyself in those areas too. I believe by having limitations on my creative and technical side, it allows me to see how far I can push my own boundaries and see how far I can push the subjects that enter my frame.

Another part of the Red Room Project – it's all about having fun. There are no expectations, and there are no preconceived ideas to execute. It's about the subject and I working together to create images that "just happen." I like the idea of going into a shoot with no idea what we are going to get. It makes the whole process of creating just like unwrapping a wonderful gift. Not knowing what's inside is the enjoyable part.

I leave a lot up to the subject – how to dress, act or be who they are or if they want – to be someone or something else. It's totally up to them how they'd like to be portrayed. They are welcome to be sexy, wild, devilish, fun, sassy, dramatic, dark, mysterious, ugly, handsome, beautiful, scary, happy, bewildered, etc. I think you get the point… The most important is that they enjoy the process and have fun.

"Red is the color of passion and desire – that is the crux of this project – my passion and desire to create beautiful images."

Scott Erb

20 Artists of Worcester Project and Book

Worcester has talent.

Having lived in at least eight states in my 38 years {some several times} has allowed me an interesting viewpoint on people and the places they live.

When it came time to move to Massachusetts to be with my girlfriend (now wife) I was excited and enticed by its history and location. I was ready to explore and be inspired. Now having lived here for a little over 10 years, It seems I haven't been let down. I've even been won over by the Red Sox phenomenon (yes, before they were champions).

However, when we decided to move to Worcester, I have to admit that I didn't hear great things about it. Many people asked us why we'd move there and that "Worcester Sucks." We moved here anyway. Having met many friends in the area who happen to be either (commercial) artists or photographers, I've found that many, if not most, are incredibly talented and also internationally collected. Some of these artists have work currently in shows all over the world, places like New York, Los Angeles, London, and Germany. Pretty impressive I must say, and yes, they are Worcester residents.

This book is a reaction to those people who say negative things about Worcester and the people who live in it. I don't subscribe to that point of view. It's my hope that this book will change the way they feel and open their eyes to the beauty and talent in Worcester and it's surrounding communities.

The only thing wrong with Worcester is people saying there is something wrong with Worcester. Instead of complaining, find the things that you like about the people and the area and promote it. Whether it's an artist, band, park, shop, restaurant, or venue. Tell everyone you know about it and sing its' praises. Get people from out of town to come to those places or to see these people. Make it your business to promote the good things about the area you live in.

Worcester does have talent. I've found it and I'm promoting it.

Now, having said all that. I would like to share with everyone how great an experience creating this book has been for me. It was certainly a labor of love, probably because I love art and artists. Getting the chance to meet so many talented individuals was a dream come true. The artist's personalities and nuances made every meeting a wonderful and eye opening experience. Each artist was incredibly welcoming, warm, and gracious. We heard wonderful stories, drank tea, and even had wonderful homemade cookies (thanks Agnes). We also lost a couple of artist we would have liked to have included in the book. Leon Nigrosh and Tom Lewis both passed away before we got the chance to include them. We remember them and their talents and both are memorialized in the book.

There are so many talented people in the area that we weren't able to include and I feel that I could have made this a 50 Artists (or more) of Worcester book. In fact- I found that there are so many interesting people in the area (you know who you are), that I could do several books if I had the time and money to do so.

It is my sincere hope and wish that those who choose to enjoy this book, take a look at all the artists here and check out their websites, online galleries, and go to their openings. Support them and their talents. If you are truly moved by their work, buy it without hesitation.

Scott Erb

James Beard House Dinner

"Food matters. You are what you eat not only because food is nutrition, but also because food is an integral part of our everyday lives. Food is economics, politics, entertainment, culture, fashion, family, passion…and nourishment. The James Beard Foundation is at the center of America's culinary community, dedicated to exploring the way food enriches our lives."

James Beard Foundation Website


The James Beard Foundation offers a variety of different types of events designed to educate, inspire, entertain, and foster an appreciation of American cuisine. Just about every night of the week there's a great chef cooking at the historic James Beard House in Greenwich Village. One of our clients, Alina Eisenhauer of Sweet in Worcester, was one of those great chefs who cooked with an amazing crew of excellent culinary geniuses on January 23, 2010. And we were there to capture the entire evening with our cameras.

This trip to NYC was an extraordinary experience – and the food – Oh the food – it was tantalizingly delicious food…

Scott Erb


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