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Want to See Me Growl?

When I heard about one of my favorite photographers, Chase Jarvis, Judging a Nikon Video Contest called “Your Day 140 Seconds or Less” I knew I wanted to be part of it. So I went to one of my most creative friends, Joe Santa Maria of Kill the Ball Media, and told him what I wanted to do. Together we brain stormed and came up with a concept. I danced about, took photos, growled a bit, made many comments. He created music, did the editing and after many many many hours of work – we finally had a final project.

I would invite you to view this video now. It’s about my Red Room Project. I only use natural light when shooting in my Red Room so the video is done the same way… Please take a look at it, share it with your friends, and please please please leave me comments! I would love to hear your feed back.


Thank you for all your support!

Cheers, Scott