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Maybe I am on a bit of a nostalgia trip these last few posts, but I have to share this video with you. We took this while visiting my old friend and college roommate’s darkroom. I used to live in the darkroom while in college. Printing was the art form to learn and become a master at. Now a days, I am spending most of my time in front of a computer doing my craft. Afterall, the chemistry used in making photographic prints was not good to for me and I was having terrible reactions to it. So the computer was a blessing for me to continue my creative process.

….But my buddy Troy is old school. I mean he does it all, from manual film camera- to wet printing with chemistry- to cutting his mats with a Dexter– to building his own frames. I love this about him. These images are stunning, the frames are beautiful, and each piece is truly an art work. I had fun getting a tour of his spaces. This is the first video of our look around the darkroom, which flooded me with memories of my own time of printing in the dark for hours and hours. I hope you’ll enjoy this tour, learn a little but about the craft, and leave comments about your thoughts.