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With the help, patience, and numerous talents of Cold Spring Design, www.coldspringdesign.com, we have launched the new Erb Photography Website.



We invite you to please take a look and share your feedback:http://www.erbphoto.com/

We know the format is very different for other web sites. But we wanted to stand out and –  well – be different. You’ll be scrolling to the right instead of scrolling down. Check it out- It’s fun to click the navigation at the top of the page and be suddenly pushed to the chosen page in a whirl. Our site is about showing you the cool photos we’ve made for folks, making great photos for you all, and having fun creating them in the process.

Even Cold Spring Design themselves posted this on thier Facebook page:

Cold Spring Design We’ve just launched a creative, horizontal, single-page website for our good friends and favorite photographers at Erb Photo. If you think every website looks the same, please check this one out – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Jeff and Chris of CSD said “Coming up with a website creative enough to match Scott & Donna was a challenge – we think we succeeded but always appreciate the feedback – good or bad!” That’s what we love about these guys- they really do want to hear your thoughts and insights. Design is so subjective, yet so fun to play!

Frankly, We think they did succeed! We love our new web site. We’ve added new photos throughout and kept a bunch of our old favorites. We want folks to enjoy looking and pick up the phone and call us when they have a project that needs photos.

If you need a web site or even a face lift on your current site- we can not recommend Cold Spring Design enough… Go ahead and “like” them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/coldspringdesign

You won’t be sorry you did.