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Photographing In the Lab

We have seen a real up swing in folks requesting to be photographed in their work spaces. I personally like these kinds of environmental portraits and think that where people work tells a lot about them. In this case it was a working lab. Lots of work was getting done all around us and we […]

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Do you look like your Headshot?

I was at a networking event and the person presenting at this event was a home inspector. He decided to jazz up the event by playing a little Q & A game about Home Inspections. BUT-  One of the questions he asked was “How many Real Estate Brokers are using their High School Senior Portraits on their business cards?” Everyone in […]

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Many of you know that our favorite thing to photograph is food. Yes, It’s true, working with local – and not so local- restaurants is our passion. We love every aspect of this kind of work. We will often come into a place and photograph the food right there on location. It’s perfect for the chefs, they have all their […]

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