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Scott Erb| Erb Photography, Worcester MA, Ceres Bistro at night.

Go out tonight AND eat outdoors in Worcester!

One of the best things about spring and summer weather is eating outside and enjoying it!

Worcester has awesome outdoor eating options! Summertime in Worcester is short-lived, take advantage of the nice weather and “dine local” under the stars.

Ceres has a great outdoor space and also has great food, and some evenings they have great music too.

Night-time Photography and Marketing

This photograph was taken by Scott just after a beautiful sunset. It is a multilayered image which is why both the foreground and the background look sharp and vibrant.

Photographing your business at night adds gorgeous dramatic detail to your building or outdoor location. We highly recommend at least one well conceived “night shot” of your building for web site display and print marketing.

We’d love to here your ideas…and give you ours, for a beautiful night shot of YOUR location!

Contact us today for a quote, and we’ll show you some of our other examples of night photography.

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