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Sign Talent.com

Sign Talent.com

Sign Talent is a start up website for creative professionals (www.signtalent.com). Julie, one of their resident bloggers, said they wanted to interview Erb Photography for their blog. They pitched the interview to us saying they would be asking questions about us, what our backgrounds were, our work/inspiration and any advice we’d have for budding photographers out there.

We of course said “Sure!” so they interviewed us via SKYPE. Which was excellent.

And today I got the link to the interview.

We were really impressed with the whole interview process, but then we realized it had grown into a two part piece. While that surprised us, we was also pretty happy about it.

We invite you will take a look at the blog and read the interview here: SignTalent part 1

and see the rest here: SignTalent part 2


All comments and critiques welcome!