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Many commercial clients are striving to find a unique “vision?” or “style” to associate with their products. Just look around at the latest magazine ad’s or tv commercials. What we have seen is a growing trend of fine art photographers being hand picked for commercial jobs!

It’s a very exciting time for many photographers who have a unique style and a very clear vision of how they make their images.


Photographers who have cultivate a fine art aesthetic in their work are being sought after by demanding clients who need to really stand out- and be different from all the others. Creatives seeking new approaches for their inventive material need to find photographers with the styles to show case their brands in a exceptional way.


Erb Photography is know for it’s sepia toned figurative work and in this image you can see it crossing over into a product placement image. A convergence in Fine Art and Commercial Photography! 

Product placement in Fine Art images

Product placement in Fine Art images