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Pretty Things

Pretty Things

Matt Webster founded Drink A Better Brew in 2008 to help share his love for craft beer.  He now shares his beer knowledge with well-known chefs, restauranteurs and caterers.  Matt also teaches craft beer classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education and the Brookline Center for Adult Education.   Additonally, Matt travels to private homes and offices for private craft beer tasting events.

I’m glad I meet Matt…

We have the best time working with Matt at events all over New England. Most recently at the James Beard House in NYC. Because of Matt, we have widened our beer palette and learned an awful lot about craft beers. You’ll see each of these beers we photographed are in different glasses. Each one offering a unique flavor – and because of Matt-  were wonderfully paired with amazing foods.

Jiahu Beer

Ephemere Beer

Chateau Jiahu- Dogfish Head

Chateau Jiahu- Dogfish Head

Todays blog post is about encouraging you to go out this weekend and try something new. A new brew. Give yourself a treat! or – A challenge: To find a craft beer you have not tried before and really taste it. See what you think…

If you need help- you can always check out Matt’s website for tips! http://www.drinkabetterbrew.com