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What’s the difference between a professional photograph and an amateur photograph? The biggest difference is the lighting. And lighting can be expensive. Which is why there are so many poor quality photos floating out in cyber space. But if you have a great product, service or space. Hiring a pro can show it off.

When photographing interiors – you really do need as much balanced lighting as possible- if you don’t use good lighting – say a point and shoot camera with a flash right next to the lens- you’ll get an amateur photo that has a bright spot in the center of the image and deep dark shadows in all the corners.

Here is an example of lots of soft- well balanced lighting- covers as much of the room as possible. It looks like the room is warm, inviting and the very natural wood finished is stunning. The fixtures look beautiful and the windows are not completely white (blown out) or reflecting any harsh light spots back at the camera.

Photo of Kitchen taken for a Professional Builder

Photo of Kitchen taken for a Professional Builder

Everything about this screams – Professional! So when you spend the time, money, and effort to create a beautiful space – seriously consider hiring a professional photographer to capture that space. This way you can have amazing photographs to show off to all your future clients…