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Wasabi Scallops

Wasabi Scallops



Every so often I have a client that would stop and ask me “What kind of camera are you using?” My answer has always been and will always be- “ That’s a great question…Why do you ask?”



You see, many people ask me that question, but they all ask for very different reasons. Sometimes they are photo buffs with a hidden passion for knowledge about all things photographic. And I enjoy the banter over lenses, f-stops, settings and the like. After all, I do carry with me over 500 pounds of gear whenever I shoot on location. I have a lot of gear. I love gear. I love gadgets, I love all the bits and pieces of my photo world. And I love chatting about it with other photographers- amateurs and pro’s a like. I love the learning and sharing. But in the end – I always try and remind the person I am talking with – it really doesn’t matter what tripod, what lens, or even what camera you have. You can get whatever you need gear wise to fit your vision- the image you create in your head. The one you want to capture. More on this in a moment…Let me get back to the original question…


“What kind of camera do you use…?”


Others ask me this question because they honestly think that if they go out and buy a “high end” camera they too will be able to create great photos and have no need for a professional photographer. I don’t want this to sound haughty- yes some folks can take the camera right out of the box and make some nice photos. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. And I would always encourage anyone to pick up a camera and go for it.


Here is my point…


While shooting in a restaurant the owner jokingly said to me-

Wow these images look amazing! It’s all about that expensive camera…” and I smiled

…and said “Yes- just like how your expensive oven makes the food here delicious…

We exchanged smiles and laughs…it was fun.


My point is- it’s not about the camera.


…And a final note- about this “vision” I said I’d get back to. I would encourage you to think about your vision. About how you want your ‘company’s’ image- your ‘corporate’ image- your ‘mom and pop’ store’s image- to be portrayed. Because finding the right photographer who can help you achieve this vision, is really what a professional photographer can do for you.