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We were very excited to hear from Kevin over at The Citizen that their fabulous bartender Dave Delaney won the Imbibe Cover Cocktail Contest! They sent us the link to the blog post with the announcement and it was very exciting to get the sneak peek. We will be looking for the magazine and the full article in thier May June Issue.

While in the conversation with the management over at The Citizen, they mentioned that the Imbibe blog post had one of our images posted on the blog along with the article. The image posted was from a photo shoot we did with Dave a few months back. It was my client that suggested we should write to Imbibe and request that a photo credit be given to us for the shot. We thought that was a great idea as well. Being professional photographers and artists, we are very adamant about protecting our copyright. The best part of the whole conversation was – that so were our clients, and we truly appreciated that they took the time to share all of this with us.

Imbibe Magazine Blog About Winner Dave Delaney

Imbibe Magazine Blog About Winner Dave Delaney

So–Today, we sent a very kind email off to Imbibe’s staff with the humble request for the photo credit. Let’s see what happens next…I am now wondering how long it will take for them to respond to our request…What do you think will happen?


UPDATE! As of 2:45pm the same day I emailed Imbibe I got a lovely note back from Karen apologizing for not knowing about the Photo Credit and she placed it up there for us with a link to our web site. Thumbs up to the folks over there at Imbibe- they are a real class act.