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While traveling through Worcester along 290 toward 190- please take a look out your window toward the left and check out the latest billboard for Niche Hospitality. Billboard advertising is a high-impact way of getting your advertising message across. Based on the fact that thousands of people per day may be exposed to your message, billboards are very cost-effective. We highly recommend you find a professional to design your billboard. This billboard was designed by Troy Pontbriand Design. We here at Erb Photography were lucky enough to work with these really talented professionals when they were designing this latest billboard. They knew just what kind of imagery they wanted and gave us nice sketches to go by. It made it easy for us to create just what they were looking for.

Here is the Sketch we were given:


Pitcher Board Sketches

Pitcher Board Sketches

Here is the finished product…


Niche Billboard Photos by Erb Photography

Niche Billboard Photos by Erb Photography





Let’s get right down to it….

Just How Can a Billboard Ad Increase Your Product Sales?

By G. keith Evans, eHow Editor

    The number one thing it can do is – Create Public Awareness

  1. A billboard advertisement can be an effective way to make people aware of a product that they otherwise would not know existed. As drivers pass and observe a billboard, they become aware of the advertised product.
  2. The second thing you are doing when you use a billboard? – You are Building the Brand

  3. Some studies have shown that an advertisement must be seen at least three times before a consumer remembers the product. A billboard is observed each time a potential client drives or rides past it, increasing the likelihood that the advertising will be effective and the product considered.
  4. And Finally – Create a Need

  5. Some potential clients may not realize they want or need a product because they are unaware of how it can benefit them. As customers observe a billboard advertisement, they may realize that they have a previously unrealized need for the product.

So- Get your message out there… and they will come!



One last thing- we took a lot of images during this shoot- and now our clients have a small library of images they can pull from for their other ads too. This is just one way Erb Photography adds real value to the photo shoots we do with our clients. Lots of images to chose from! Check out this other ad they did with another image from the shoot… Notice how similar the two ads look to one another- the style is unmistakably for the the same group of Restaurants. That’s what we call brand building… It’s recognizable!


Pitcher Ad for The Citizen Photo by Erb Photography

Pitcher Ad for The Citizen Photo by Erb Photography