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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- it’s all about the light!!

When a photographer is hired to photograph a special event they better know what kind of lighting will work best in any situation. Event photography is a fairly unique type of photography that has a unique skill set. It’s different set of skills than from a studio photographer or portrait photographer. Event photographers understand what kind of light may be needed in environments where lighting is uncontrolled. Outdoors, arenas, and halls are just some examples of places with all kinds of mixed lighting. You either need to know how to work with the light available by using it to your advantage or how to create your own lighting to overpower what is there.

We also pride ourselves on asking a lot of questions before an event to understand the framework of that affair. What’s the most important thing the client wants captured in photos? Sometimes it’s more important to capture the crowd’s reaction rather than the main person speaking behind a podium. So some of it comes from experience, some maybe a bit of gut reaction. The same is true for entertainment, corporate events or how to capture the action of a sport.

Below is a video put together from the photography Scott Erb and Donna Dufault did the evening of the Worcester’s Best Chef event. The photos we took that night were then put together as a video to be used as a promo piece for upcoming Worcester Best Chef events. Please note that there were two photographers capturing moments from that evening. When there is a large event like this one was – it’s always a good idea to have two people covering it photographically. Two perspectives adds a lot of value – and we can be in more places with more opportunities for capturing the event more fully. Plus it was a food event- and we love doing food photography!