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Ecotarium Billboard

Ecotarium Billboard

We spent the whole day at the Ecotarium! …and we took a lot of photos- hundreds of photos. The kids were everywhere. And they were having a great time. One exhibit was especially popular this day – and that was a seasonal exhibition about Bubbles. Kids (and you) can create magnificent mega bubbles! In fact, you can stand inside a giant bubble or play with different bubble shapes. Or you can go old school and just blow bubbles at one another like you did as a kid… While enjoying these glittering and shimmering rainbow suds – you’ll be learning about the science of bubbles.

So while this was happening, we were photographing… Then the next day we were asked to send some photos over to them so they could create a Billboard. Yikes! There are hundreds! How will we chose?  

Actually it was easy… we are professionals. We edit photos for a living. We know when something is a good shot and when something is not. Yep- it all comes down to experience. We narrowed it down to about 10 or so images an it made it easy for them to chose and design around these choices…

I think they did an excellent job and I can not wait to see the billboard!