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Scott and Donna Portrait

About Erb / Dufault Photography


Erb/Dufault Photography focuses on advertising, editorial, commercial portraiture and product work with a specialization in food, restaurant and hospitality clients. Erb/Dufault Photography is operated by creative photographers Scott Erb and Donna Dufault. Their photographic expertise, creative eye and admirable professionalism keep their happy clients coming back again and again.

Scott Erb has over 25 years of experience working hands on in the photography industry and he holds a degree from the SouthEast Center of Photographic Studies, in Daytona, Florida. Scott also went on to get his certificate from Clark University’s Computer Career Institute so he could stay ahead of the curve when everything in the photo world went digital. 

Donna Dufault has over 22 years of experience working in the photography industry. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with her BFA degree in Fine Art Photography. Donna provides remarkable support to Erb Photography as a second shooter and driving force in marketing & business development for Erb Photography. She also handles a lot of theday to day logistics of being the studio’s manager.

“Whether it be a chef’s food, a model, a building, or anything else, my focus in any commercial photograph is on the subject. I like to fill the frame, with straightforward simplicity. I believe that this is most effectively achieved with compositionally strong, clean, graphic images. My goal in commercial photography is, no matter what is trying to be sold, an effective image must be captivating. I believe in having a specific point of focus in it, to which the eye is magnetically drawn and held fast. Achieving this consistently requires that I work in collaboration with my clients, while at the same time being adaptable enough to create a studio environment wherever my clients need me to be. The resulting imagery delivers a message that is at once lasting, powerful, and artistic.” —Scott Erb

"Scott & Donna do amazing work! I have worked with them for a couple of years now, as they feature my wild/free range food creations in Foodies of New England magazine. The level of professionalism and their calm, amiable approach to working with chefs and those in the food industry is very notable. Lastly, they are friendly and passionate towards their craft, and I applaud the work that they produce. I for one am very pleased and honored to work with them; they bring my food to life visually!"

Denny Corriveau
New England’s WildCheff


"Scott Erb & Donna Dufault of Erb Photography have several gems that make them such a pleasure to work with. They have a critical and creative eye for unique composition and lighting, plus they make every project we do together a whole lotta fun. As an Art Director, my job is to maintain the integrity of my client's visuals and message. Scott and Donna never fail to make me look like a hero and I can count on them to build on my ideas. After many, many years of working together on projects large and small, Erb Photography has been 200% reliable, never missing a deadline and often has helped us source additional professionals, such as hair, makeup, stylists and models. Scott and Donna are an asset to my business and I give them my highest recommendation for anyone seeking outstanding imagery."

Amy Scott
Director of Project Management and Business Development, Wild Apple Design Group




Erb/Dufault Photography is located at: 

18 Angelo Street

Worcester, MA 01604

Office: 508-421-3912

Cell: 774-239-0214